Jesus Changes Lives

Each light bulb on this sign will represent a story of a life-changed by Jesus. We want to highlight the incredible things God has done for those around us by sharing the stories of amazing moments. As we launch into Outer West Community Church we want to have this reminder that God is the head of our church and is active in the lives of his people. Join us in being part of 600 stories of life change!

How It Works

Step One: Share

Share your story of a life change moment either here online or on one of our cards on Sundays! Pick a moment where God has impacted your life being the amazing God He is!

Step Two: Pick a Bulb

After you write your story head on over to the sign and a staff member (or volunteer) will help you pick a light bulb. From there we will have you initial and date the light bulb.

Step Three: Finish!

You or a staff member will add the new light bulb to the sign!


Here are some amazing stories of life change moments!

“When Jerry died – I felt I had no purpose in life. Celebrate Recovery filled a void in me and lead me to become a leader and that gave me my missing purpose in my life. Now God has provided me with a way to go out and travel so I can be the best example of Christ that I can be to others. God is so good!”


Fall of 2018 Amy began to reflect on thoughts of religion, beliefs and church. She began to have a feeling she needed to know more about God. Amy began reading through her Bible and from this she said ” I saw who I was to Him and how I had been spending life living up to worldly standards. He also showed me how I had been searching for love, value and acceptance in places and ways that were only leading to pain, suffering and loneliness” Amy was part of our summer baptism service this year.


“Back then I had had many problems with my mental state of mind. As things had gotten worse it had seemed as if it would never get better for me. Yet one day I was inside of a recreation center and God came into my life. This had caused me to read two devotionals every day further increasing my relationship with my God our Lord and Savior.”



“When I was 7 I was diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis – a very rare condition. It was a very hard time in my life but I felt like God was there with me. And it really changed my life.”