Eric Bergkvist


Eric serves as the Producer for Oak Hills Church Alamo Ranch. He has volunteered or worked on staff for Oak Hills since 2011, when he began volunteering in production as a freshman in high school. Throughout high school and college Eric continued learning about audio engineering and production and was eventually hired on staff as Producer in 2018.

Currently, he is finishing his Bachelor of Science in Christian Studies at Lee University’s Online Division of Adult Learning and will graduate in December 2021. From there, he plans on finishing his Bachelor of Science in Physics at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Eric has also worked for Starbucks since 2016 and enjoys making and drinking coffee. Eric gave his life to Christ in 2015, the same year he graduated high school, and hopes to fulfill his calling to share the gospel in whatever setting God places him.

When Eric isn’t working or studying, he is usually with his dog, Waylon, an Australian Shepherd – Poodle Mix puppy; or out driving around and listening to music, like Waylon Jennings.

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