We envision independent churches who operate and make decisions independently but remain linked by personal relationships, shared history, and values. These linkages will promote cooperation on key priorities to address needs in our city and reach the world for Christ.

About twelve years ago we consisted of one church on one campus. We felt the call to reach into the city, Hill Country, and beyond. We launched a multi-site strategy consisting of Journey Fellowship and Fiesta Fellowship, which later became Westside. We then added campuses in Fredericksburg, Alamo Ranch, North Central, and Natal, Brazil. It has been a wonderful adventure. 

Now it is now time to transition from “One church on many campuses” to “Healthy, fully independent churches.” We sense that God is calling Oak Hills Church to pursue a focused and deliberate strategy to plant churches in the San Antonio/Hill Country area, starting with the release and planting of our existing congregations. By August 31, 2021 each campus will either be an independent church or a declared Mission of Oak Hills Church. Our first two congregations to launch, Fredericksburg and Journey Fellowship, will do so September 1, 2019. Additionally, after prayerful deliberation, it has been determined that the North Central geographical expression of OHC will come to an end, also effective Sept. 1, 2019. 

What action can you take? 

Renew your commitment to your campus. More than ever, your prayers are needed. Your financial support is needed. The use of your spiritual gift is needed.

Pray for our Executive Minister. In overseeing this transition, Steve Green is shouldering an enormous task. He is blessed with extraordinary talent and brilliance. Even so, he needs the daily blessing of the Holy Spirit to give him wisdom and strength. Pray for him.

Pray for your Lead Minister. Make it your aim to lift him and his family up before the Lord on a daily basis. Satan does not like to see churches planted. He hated it in the days of the New Testament and he hates it still. He will attack these men. We must pray for them.

We sense the Lord saying: "Prepare for a harvest." This is what we are doing; preparing for a great harvest. Someday, years from now, when campuses have become churches, these churches will plant other churches. Where there was one, there will be six. Where there will be six there will someday be: 12, 18? God knows. And we can't help but think that God is pleased.

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