Welcome! You're taking your next step in learning more about baptism. We are excited to guide you in understanding the core Bible teachings and the celebration of the important decision of baptism. We believe baptism is a holy moment, which is motivated by an inward devotion through an outward demonstration as we follow the example of Jesus. Below, you can learn more about baptism and schedule your baptism at Oak Hills Church!


What is Baptism?
Once a person admits his sin and turns to Christ Jesus for salvation, the next step is to proclaim to heaven and earth the decision to follow Jesus. Baptism is that step. Baptism is the initial and immediate step of obedience by one who has declared his/her faith to others. So important was this step that, as far as we know, every single convert in the New Testament was baptized. With the exception of the thief on the cross, there is no example of an unbaptized believer.  

Why be Baptized?
Jesus was baptized (Matthew 3:16-17 NIV). Since then, followers of Jesus have followed his example. Baptism was commanded by Jesus and is a way to go public with your faith to show others that you have decided to follow Jesus and start a personal relationship with him. "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19 NIV)
Is Baptism Salvation?
No, baptism is not the same as salvation, and is not necessary for salvation. It symbolizes the new life you began when you started following Jesus. It symbolizes your old life dying as you are immersed under water, and your new life through Christ as you come up out of the water. "And that water is like the baptism which now saves you—not the washing of dirt from the body, but the promise made to God from a good conscience. And this is because Jesus Christ was raised from the dead." (1 Peter 3:21)

Is Baptism Important?  
The Apostle Paul’s high regard for baptism is demonstrated in the fact that he knows all of his readers have been instructed in its importance (Romans 6:17). Indeed, baptism is a vow, a sacred vow of the believer to follow Jesus. Just as a wedding celebrates the fusion of two hearts, baptism celebrates the union of sinner with Savior. We “became part of Christ when we were baptized.” (Romans 6:3) Don’t prevent baptism from being what God intended. This is no optional command. This is no trivial issue. It is a willing next step into the power and promise of Jesus. Baptism is the first step of a believer. If it was important enough for Jesus to command, isn’t it important enough for you to obey? And if it was important enough for Jesus to do, isn’t it important enough for you to follow?  

What is Baptism like at Oak Hills Church?

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