Next Baptism Service: Fall 2021

Here at Oak Hills Church Alamo Ranch, we like to say that baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. A way to share your faith in Jesus publicly. Being baptized shows others that you've decided to follow Jesus and allows others to celebrate the decision with you.

Registration for Fall 2021 Baptism Sunday is now open.

Baptism Process

Step One: Sign Up

Fill out our baptism registration form to tell us about yourself.

Step Two: Prepare

We will guide you each step of the way as you prepare to be baptized.

Step Three: Baptism!

Together we'll celebrate as you take this next step in your faith.

Baptism FAQ

What is baptism?

Jesus was baptized and since then, millions of his followers have followed his example. Baptism is a way for you to do the same and participate in a common experience with followers of Jesus around the world.

Baptism is a way to go public with your faith to show others that you have started a personal relationship with Jesus or are returning to a relationship with Him.

Baptism is not necessary for salvation. It symbolizes the new life you began when you started following Jesus. It symbolizes your old life dying (going under the water) and your new life (coming out of the water).

When are there baptisms?

We do Baptism Sunday once or twice a year. You can sign up anytime here.

What's the process to get baptized?

To participate in Baptism Sunday:

Do I have to do a video?

One of the best parts of Baptism Sunday is hearing the life-changing stories of people coming to know God or coming back to a relationship with Him. We share these stories through videos as part of our baptism weekend. The baptism videos are the heart of baptism services and powerfully show the ways God (and the church) walks alongside everyone through every season of life.

Don’t worry, one of our staff members will help you prepare your video and we’ll handle all filming and editing.

I was baptized as an infant or child, can I be baptized again?

Yes! Many people in our church were baptized in a different faith tradition or before they fully understood baptism as an infant or child and they’ve made the choice to be baptized now.

Being baptized as an adult does not minimize the decision made by your loved ones when you were a child but signifies your decision to publicly proclaim your faith in Jesus as an adult.

My child and/or student is interested in being baptized, how does that work?

Awesome! We baptize anyone 10 years or older who have made a decision to follow Jesus. If a person is under the age of 18, we’ll ask him/her to have a conversation with one of our staff members to assure they understand baptism and the decision they’re making.

If you’re 10-18 years old and interested in being baptized, email us here.

What about infant baptism/christening?

We understand Scripture to teach that people who are of an age to have made a decision to follow Jesus should be baptized. Baptism doesn’t make you a Christian, it shows that you already are one.

We embrace the tradition of child dedication for infants and young children. The tradition comes from 1 Samuel 1:21-28 where Hannah dedicates her son, Samuel, back to God. For more information about our next child dedication follow our social media and/or email us here.

I have life circumstances that makes baptism challenging, am I able to be baptized?

Yes! We will work with everyone to make baptism a great experience. We’ll help those in a wheelchair get in and out of the baptismal, we’ll provide extra time for you to get in and out of the tub, whatever it takes, it’ll be great!

I want to get baptized but I'm so nervous.

We get it! You’re not alone. Many people are anxious as they sign up for this milestone but trust us, there’s no greater feeling the publicly professing your faith in Jesus! Our staff is here to support you, pray with you, and encourage you every step of the way.